Embassy Theatre Skegness


Shaun Fitzgerald: No Need To Shout!

We are delighted to invite you to a captivating talk by Shaun Fitzgerald, a remarkable individual who has triumphed over extreme adversity throughout his life. Shaun, who was born profoundly deaf, will be sharing his inspiring journey through his experiences and challenges, both on a personal and educational level.

This tour is also an opportunity for Shaun to promote his first book, “The Rebuilt Mind,” in which he documents his journey towards overcoming his hardships and developing a positive mindset that allowed him to regain his freedom.

Shaun is looking forward to honestly discussing how he emerged from a state of deep depression and almost reached the point of contemplating suicide. He will share the strategies and mental reconditioning techniques he self-taught to transform his life and achieve personal success. Shaun’s experiences serve as a testament to the fact that anyone can find true contentment by employing life-changing tools and maintaining a positive mindset.

Shaun’s narrative will take you through the trials and tribulations he faced as a deaf individual in a predominantly hearing world. #NoNeedToShout is open to all who wish to listen to his straightforward and no-nonsense approach to wellness, or for those who simply want to be inspired by his heartfelt and impactful story.

We invite you to join us for this extraordinary event and be part of Shaun’s remarkable journey towards triumph, which will be conducted using British Sign Language (BSL), with the assistance of an interpreter.

Running Time: 1 hour 40 minutes

Tickets: £15.00 standard / £14.00 concession / Seat plus Meet and Greet Tickets £20.00

  Fri 26 Apr       7:30pm Book Now
Standard: £15.00
  Fri 26 Apr       7:30pm Book Now
Seat plus Meet & Greet: £20.00